Many of our customers use Soft Focus as their Vitamin C serum or nourishing face oil. Packed full of the most potent nutrients for the skin.

Along with Soft Focus being safe for scars, pigmentation and rough/damaged skin on the face.

A word from our founder Tanné: "My mum started using Soft Focus on a small scar on her face when we were first developing the product. She then moved to using Soft Focus as a night oil religiously, as her scar disappeared. Her skin started to literally glow. People would stop her on the street asking what she used. I have never been a fan of using oils on my face as I flare up with hormonal acne and anything that might clog my pores. I felt like I needed to experiment since it worked so well on my mum. Soft Focus has stopped my hormonal acne. Completely stopped it. It's as if my skin has finally been fed with the correct nutrients it's been needing all these years. You would think it would be an oxymoron having a rich oil counteract acne but it's happened to me first hand and also have SO many customers write in with the same results."



The high Vitamin C content in Soft Focus targeted pigmentation anywhere on the face and body.

Vitamin C has been scientifically proven to inhibit melanin synthesis by down-regulating the activity of an enzyme known as tyrosinase.

There is 45% Vitamin C across 4 sources in our Scar Concentrate.


We have many customers who use Soft Focus on their rough, damaged and irritated skin.

Ranging from eczema, radiation treatment, psoriasis to sensitive skin.

Rough skin needs extra attention and a balance between exfoliating using Exfoliating Refining Serum and deep hydration such as Scar Concentrate or Firming Butter.

Below is a photo from a customer with incurable lichen sclerosis.

"I just wanted to let you know that I have experienced extraordinary results which I attribute to Tronque's scar concentrate serum.

I've recently received back my biopsy results and they confirm that what is appearing in patches on my torso is in-fact lichen sclerosis, it's rare for it to appear the way and where it has. There is no cure and is lifelong, I was quite distressed by the large white patches I have at first but now I can see it's not going to be so bad, especially as the skin sort of repairs, won't ever completely disappear.

I have consistently applied Scar Concentrate every morning. The colour fade and texture change has blown me away. 2 patches have almost completely disappeared, there is still some discolouration but the hard sandpaper feel of them has gone. The largest patch is reducing. Thank you so much.

I think it's a magic potion. I thought I was doomed to be covered in scratchy white scarred skin, and that's just not true."

- Nanette 



Please read our in-depth article on stretch marks here.

Stretch marks can be both prevented and treated.

The term ‘stretch marks’ defines the rapid growth and accommodation of “overstretched” skin.

As the skin begins to stretch these normally tight collagen bundles begin to separate. 

As the skin is stretching so fast, the collagen bundles become disordered and jumbled and fail to re-bundle themselves, which results in the visible appearance of grooves in the skin.

The jumbled collagen bundles appear as a groove or mild depression in the skin is what makes the appearance of a stretch mark. 

1. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration.

The key to preventing stretch marks is make sure your skin is beyond hydrated with products such as Firming Butter and Scar Concentrate, to allow the skin to adjust to accommodating growth.

2. Strengthen the Dermis and Epidermis

If you know your skin to going to stretch, such as being pregnant, make sure you strengthen your dermis and epidermis through skin strengthening ingredients, such as 

Vitamin A, Vitamin B (niacinamide), Vitamin C, minerals, amino acids and omegas.

3. Strengthen Collagen 

Strengthen collagen as much as possible.

Collagen, keratin and amino acids are the protein building blocks of the dermis and epidermis. Just like eating protein everyday, your skin needs to be fed with the correct nutrients. 

Think of Scar Concentrate as your green smoothie and protein shake, offering as many micro and macro nutrients as possible. 

Vitamin C is your number one building block to increase collagen production. There is a whopping 45% Vitamin C in our Scar Concentrate.

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