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because skincare isn't just for the face


Our high-performance formulations are enriched with the most efficacious Bio-Cleanical® ingredients to produce transformative results. You’ll never find harmful endocrine disruptors or toxins among our ingredients, only scientifically-supported complexes and botanical extracts that improve the texture, tone and appearance of your skin.


Efficacy, Face-Worthy, Indulgent, Science-Backed, High-Performance


"There’s a brand-new luxury NZ skincare brand in town. There’s a focus on nice, luxe packaging – the type of jar you’ll happily leave out on display, rather than stashing it to gather at the back of your bathroom cupboard like the body butters of yore."

"When Tronque’s founder Tanné Snowden set out to create her own below-the-neck body care line, she quite literally set a new standard in natural skincare."

"A concentrate designed to nourish and improve the appearance of scars is a key focus. It was developed after Snowden’s own recovery from surgery."

"The most noteworthy brand to try this summer is the local luxury line, Tronque."

"Pamper dehydrated skin with Rich as Croesus. It packs a punch by containing four different kinds of butter, hyaluronic acid, olive squalane, and other potent ingredients!"

"Endocrine disruptors: The New Zealand beauty brand on a mission to provide clean products that don't hurt the body. Each product is formulated with 'Bio-Cleanical' ingredients, a term Snowden created to describe the confluence of nature and technology - an amalgamation of bioactive plants and clean, clinical formulas."

"A new product on the market also has us excited – Tronque Soft Focus Scar Concentrate. Tronque’s Scar Concentrate has been found to work well on surgical, burn and acne scars."

"The brand is meeting increased demand for clean, effective formulas designed to treat your body with as much care as your face. Tronque's Scar Concentrate has become the hero of the line, designed to soften and fade scars, stretch marks, pigmentation and boost skin' collagen and elasticity."

This round-up of our favourite body-loving products seeks to work on brightening, hydrating and rejuvenating, but it's all within the umbrella of self-love.

Dedicated to creating clean, high-performing skin and body care, the brand is the brainchild of Tanne Snowden. Using native NZ ingredients to formulate the decadent products, the sensorial experience is like no other. Whether you opt for a gently exfoliating body serum or luxe body butter, we know you'll love every minute.


Red seaweed, ocean kelp, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, red maple bark



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