the phrase doesn’t sound great. In fact, it sounds rather complicated.

And that’s exact what happens to your endocrine system when you’re exposed to too many of these disruptors long term… it becomes complicated.

It’s surprising how common questionable ingredients are found in our everyday cosmetics, skincare and personal care products. Synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, soy, parabens (synthetic preservative), silicones (soft feeling of luxury), formaldehyde (hardener), talc (shine free), SLS (cleansing/foaming agent) are typically known to be ingredients left out of ‘clean’ formulations - and the list goes on.

It’s more common to find these ingredients in formulas, than to find them without. While Tronque's founder was recovering from her latest surgery she learned so much about endocrine disruptors through hundreds of studies that have been undertaken to determine what exposure to these compounds can do to one’s body. They are found all around us and are extremely hard to avoid. They’re found in everything from what we eat, breathe in, and are also absorbed through our skin. They’re in our perfume of choice, cleaning products, water bottles, shampoo, conditioner, canned food, furniture, toys, makeup, receipt paper and cookware.

what do endocrine disruptors do to women's hormones?

Endocrine disruptors can have a deeply negative impact on women’s health, quality of life, wellbeing and can lead to further complications. There is really no limit to what these compounds can do to our bodies. Endocrine disruptors can interfere with the production, release, metabolism, and elimination of normal functioning hormones. Or they can bind to receptors and mimic hormones already within the endocrine system. 

How each body can tolerate and process these toxins is different. Some bodies may be affected more than others or susceptible to some health concerns more than others. It is up to each company’s ethos to map out their philosophy on ingredients. Changing your lifestyle habits all at once is usually quite daunting and will likely not last. However, changing one thing at a time and adapting to how you feel as a result of this, will have a lasting change.

Tronque uses only the highest quality, clean, active, ethically sourced ingredients. Free from Endocrine Disruptors.



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