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Indulge your skin with luscious, lasting moisture.

Give your body the intense, long lasting moisture it deserves - with a soufflé of velvety shea, cacao and mango butters to protect and repair.

A hydrating fusion of biotech ceramides, Mamaku, niacinamide, squalane, hyaluronic acid and glycerine feed, calm and deeply revitalise dry, damaged areas.

Atlantic Ocean Kelp and New Zealand Red Seaweed instantly hydrate, plump and tighten skin, enhancing delivery and absorption of actives. 

Red maple bark increases the skin's biomechanical properties while restoring skin firmness, elasticity and 'glow'.

A premium blend of rosehip, pomegranate, avocado, jojoba and olive oils feed, nourish and calm.



This patented ingredient features a viscoelastic matrix of bioactive, bioavailable and biomimetic polymers from native New Zealand Red Seaweed. The hydrating and plumping effect of red seaweed on the skin, is attributed to the various mix of versatile biomimetic sulphated gycosaminoglycans (sGAG). These natural biopolymers are known to form a fish-net like matrix that can help hold water molecules, while also acting as a structural scaffold to tighten the skin. The sGAGs from red seaweeds have structural features that resemble the “eight essential sugars” of human cells, allowing specific binding to proteins,
polysaccharides and bioactives within cells to induce and elevate focused activities.



Our Patented Ceramide Complex is derived from organic olive oil for particular use for the body. It is based on an environmentally friendly, biotechnology-based production process, improving epidermal moisturization. The powerful combination of Ceramides and Sphingolipids, delivers lasting hydration and plumps the skin for a smooth and healthy appearance, reducing the appearance of photo-damaged skin and pore size.



Sourced from the Arctic winged kelp Alaria esculenta. It lives in extreme conditions in agitated but transparent waters where sea pressure can exceed 6T/m². It is an anti-aging active ingredient that is a down-regulator of progerin for mature skin: -79%. It assures a detoxifying action through proteasome stimulation. It is a skin protector that reverses the age effects and is made up of a web of elastic fibers, which preserves tissue integrity against compression, ensures cohesion & firmness of all the cell architecture (similar role that proteic fibers & elastin play in the Skin).

In vitro: Proteasome stimulation: +24%



Low molecular or short-chained hyaluronic acid provides intense moisture and sustained hydration deep within the skin. It is naturally found in our skin and joints and unfortunately our levels decline as we age. Thought to hold 1000x its own weight in moisture, this wonder humectant, healer, protector and a plumping ingredient is found in sugar, drawing and holding water into the skin predominately in the dermis. Hyaluronic acid instantly plumps and hydrates the skin, improving elasticity.



Native to New Zealand, Mamaku contains high levels of mucopolysaccharides and intriguingly unique biopolymers, derived from the meristem of Mamaku. powerful bioactive healer soothes, cools and deeply moisturises the skin. Mamaku extract is revered for its ability to regenerate skin cells, encouraging cell renewal and repairing DNA strains. There is an immediate tightness felt when it is first applied to the skin, as the ingredient forms a structure of molecules that bind together to support the skin.

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