Skincare. We spend billions on it a year. We’re constantly inundated with new products for the face that make some pretty big promises. And, let’s face it, for most of us, caring for all that other skin on our body is a distant second thought.

But the skin on your body is prone to the same, if not more, concerns and damage – dryness, aging, pigmentation issues, scars and loss of elasticity. Your skin from the neck down represents 90% of your largest organ, and this extensive surface area absorbs 60-70% of what we put on it. [Citations] So we think it’s vital to carefully consider what we use to cleanse, treat and moisturise it.

I believe it’s time to be all about the body.

Buy less, care more

I first developed a range of products to give myself an effective alternative to the skincare that I discovered was potentially causing me harm. But I learned so much about skincare formulations and ingredients, that I wanted to share that knowledge, to prevent the pain and trauma I went through from happening to others.

Tronque encourages you to treat your body beautiful, with the care and focus normally reserved for the face. Our curated collection of multi-benefit bodycare products contains pure, optimal concentrations of active ingredients: clean, non-toxic, potent formulations that focus on skin’s health, resilience and function.

It’s time to nourish and nurture your protector. To look after your body as it looks after you. 

Treat it kindly, with Tronque.

For every body, gender, tone, shape and form. For your body beautiful.

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