Containing the superior active ingredient Swertiamarin, a bioactive molecule found in medicinal plants, extracted from the Indian Gentian’s leaves. The active ingredient boasts a range of remarkable properties beneficial to the skin. Boasted as “self-regenerative stem cell technology”, the core active has the ability to regenerate skin cells by stimulating the skins ‘keratinocyte growth factors’. KGF is a molecule that signals the skin cells to produce more keratin, resulting in a regenerative ability. When the active stem cell ingredient encounters a trauma to the skin, a wound, its ability to heal is unfathomable. KGF stimulates the skins’ epithelialization phase to cover the injured skin with growth factors forming the epithelium. The small molecules signal the fibroblasts to produce more growth factor receptors resulting in a stronger epidermis and increased healing time. This furthermore results in improved wrinkles and vertical lines as the strengthened epidermis fills in the uneven skin.

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