Caesareans, mastectomies, pelvic surgeries, appendicitis, broken bones, burns, accidents, survivors, knicks, knocks and self-imposed. Flat, sunken, lumpy or discoloured, our scars tell a story of determination, courage, strength and ultimately, healing.

Scars are our battle wounds. They mark us as survivors.

Scars represent a time we may not want to remember. As the body’s natural response to a trauma and way of healing, we usually associate our scars with pain. But I believe that our scars show the journey we’ve taken to get to this moment, and that can also be a source of pride.

Our Skin’s Defence Mechanism

A scar is defined by the Mayo Clinic as “a growth of tissue marking the spot where skin has healed after an injury.” Scars form when the dermis is damaged, signalling fibroblasts to create more collagen to heal the site. Scars are made from this collagen – the same protein as normal skin tissue – with a different fibre composition. In a scar, the collagen fibres are cross-linked in one direction, as opposed to multiple directions, as they are in normal tissue – giving scars their shiny appearance.

The Four Phases of Wound Healing

  1. Haemostasis (1-2 days). First, blood vessels constrict to restrict the blood flow and the wound begins to close up as the blood clots.
  2. Proliferative (2-4 days). The wound contracts as new tissues form. A new network of blood vessels delivers oxygen and nutrients. Epithelial cells begin to resurface the wound. This process is optimised when wounds are kept hydrated.
  3. Inflammatory (4-6 days). Localised inflammation helps to control bleeding and prevents infection. Repair cells move to the site and start working.
  4. Maturation (21days-2 years). Collagen laid down in the proliferative phase begins to realign itself so collagen fibres can lie closer together and cross-link – which reduces scar thickness and strengthens the skin.


The Pressure to be Flawless

We all have scars. And in our photoshopped, filtered world, many of us will do and buy whatever we can to erase them. With limited success. We’ve been marketed oils that are full of plastics and petrochemicals, which often do more harm than good. But until now there hasn’t been much on the market that actually changes the (scar) tissue function.

Summer can be especially hard. Short sleeves and hemlines revel parts of us we may not be 100% comfortable with. I talked to many women before launching Soft Focus Scar Concentrate, and no one mentioned their scars until I talked about my own. Once we started talking though, the barriers came down, and sharing our stories became cathartic – which is healing in another way.

The Scar Concentrate

I created Soft Focus Scar Concentrate to tend my own battle wounds – my network of scars from advanced laparoscopy surgery in 2019. I had what looked like nine stab wounds from two operations. I felt self-conscious and ashamed.

Formulating and experimenting in my own kitchen while recovering, I was the Scar Concentrate’s own ‘lab bunny’ (and the only one, I might add. None of Tronque’s ingredients or formulations are tested on animals). My scars needed something both caring and potent. So, using the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database as a starting point for safety, I found the most concentrated ingredients that worked, and rejected those that didn’t.

The result of two years of my own research and development. Every handpicked ingredient is used at its most optimally active concentration. The combination includes 26 bioactive plants, plant stem cells, four potent, stable, and easily absorbed forms of Vitamin C, bioactive New Zealand superfruits including Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir grapes, bakuchiol (nature’s retinol), and plant oils. 

This intensive antioxidant blend of deep penetrating nutrients, enzymes and essential fatty acids minimises the structure, colour and appearance of scars by stimulating new skin cells, boosting collagen and enhancing blood flow.

There may not be a miracle formula for complete scar removal. But in my experience, Soft Focus Scar Concentrate comes closer than anything else I’ve tried. Since I’ve been using this formulation, only the faintest lines are left, which gives me hope and faith that other’s scars, whatever they may be, will be erased too.

While this formulation made a dramatic difference to my own existing scars, it’s also designed to work on those you don’t have yet – to stimulate collagen synthesis, strengthen, and keep skin supple before you go into any planned surgery. 

After surgery, it’s a good idea to tape the scar for as long as possible, which physically brings the edges together, making it thinner and flatter. Once the scar’s healed – with no dried blood and there’s no infection – use Soft Focus Scar Concentrate daily to keep the scar supple and moisturised, which will support healthy wound healing.


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