"When it comes to best beauty products, Tronque’s range of body care actually can’t be beaten. They’ve been on the market for a little while, but I couldn’t not include this because I’ve never experienced something like this that ACTUALLY WORKS. Tronque launched last year with a gorgeous vanilla Firming Butter, an Exfoliating Refining Serum and this gorgeous Scar Concentrate and look, all of these body products are actually out the gate good and we couldn’t recommend them enough.


But it’s the Scar Concentrate that’s been the real star for me (Kelly) as someone whose body is riddled with them thanks to two ACL replacements, a tumble down a cliff when I was younger (sounds more dramatic than it was) and, erm, a few stumbles that might have happened following a few too many grapes in a glass. This concentrate has minimised the appearance of my scars, especially my knee surgery scars, and as a real hidden perk, for some reason, has smoothed out those little bumps you get under your skin?! I have them quite bad on my upper arms, and now my (ahem) biceps are smooth as silk, baby."


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