We had an overwhelming majority of customers asking for us to include one, so we listened and delivered.

Tronque's ethos is built on no endocrine disruptors and 'do no harm', while offering high-performance body care with the newest natural and green science ingredients on the market.

Fragrance has been lumped into the category of endocrine disruptors and potential carcinogens, however, through our extensive research and engaging with multiple experts and scientists in the clean skincare world, we've learnt that not all fragrances are dangerous or the same. 

We contracted one of the best olfactory 'nose' from France to create a unique scent for Tronque that would never let our customers ask, "could this harm me?".

Our founder, Tanné is the most strict clean skincare consumer, using no endocrine disruptors and would never let her customers ever question having a fragrance in one of Tronque's products.

What we've created is a scent from essential oils, extracted from their purest state. 

A quote from our olfactory, "This fragrance is the most natural of the natural fragrances we've created."



Avoiding all fragrances has been on our founder Tanné's mind since learning about endocrine disruptors after her second endometriosis surgery in 2019.

Fragrances are notoriously tricky to decipher and break down ingredient wise, as most fragrances are patented by each brand. This means, brands do not need to reveal the 'secret sauce' so to speak, to consumers due to their legal privacy rights. Which opens the conversation of questionable ingredients used in these fragrances. 

Traditional 'parfum' and 'fragrance' on the back of beauty labels can often conjure concern, and with full admittance, we still lean towards this thinking. However, as we have now learnt that not all fragrance is the same.

Natural and clean fragrances are in fact safe, and can finally be enjoyed by those that have been concerned in the past.



Our natural fragrance is specially formulated in Grasse, France uniquely for Tronque.

Situated 12 miles north from Cannes in Southern France and offering rolling hills, perfect for growing beautifully scented plants. Grasse, France, population 51,000, is the high priestess of fragrance locations, most notably known as the fragrance 'capital' or 'birthplace'.

If you walk into any department store's perfumery around the globe, most fragrances would have originated from Grasse. 

The difference between 'natural' and 'non-natural' fragrances are how they are distilled and synthetically stretched. 

Fragrance first originated in Grasse in the 16th Century, where the town predominately sold leather goods, in particular through pungent smelling goatskin. The sellers started taking all the beautiful scented thyme, lavender and rosemary to scent the leather. From there, Grasse became ambitious about its scent opportunities and the fragrance business was born - genius! 



We are talking as natural as natural gets and added in the lowest percentage, below 0.5% in a formulation.

Fragrance is extracted from the flowers/plants wild state. Extremely potent, how this scent is next treated, is how a fragrance can become potentially dangerous. Through solvents and alcohol things can become blurry and consumers will never know what actually goes into the scent.

Our processes are transparent and the distillery used is 100% natural with no blurred lines.



Scent is subjective. We all remember our favourite teenage scent that we would spray all over us after visiting a department store or chemist after school and now can probably no longer stand – although it carries so much nostalgia.

There’s a biological pathway between scent and emotion. Sitting above our nasal cavity is our olfactory senses. When stimulated, its neurons send messages to the brain which controls behavioural and emotional responses.

How we register and process a scent is completely up to us and after about 20minutes, we may no longer register a scent!  



Subtle fresh, cool citrus, exotic wood

100% Natural scent, from essential oils.

Notes of watermelon, floral pink accord, rose, wild strawberry and gaiac wood oil.

Through our extensive consumer trialling stage, we had an overwhelming 100% positive reaction to our chosen scent.

It's hard to put your finger on all the notes, but, it smells like an escape and pure indulgence as you wrap yourself in our cashmere butter. 

Plus, if you do wear perfume, it won't compete, we promise.

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